Bar Velódromo: good choice for any time

Just by having a look at their schedule you notice it: Velódromo is a really good place to be in at any time of the day. In the early morning, it will be full of local people having their breakfast, their coffees and their croissants or napolitanas (pain au chocolat). Later on, from 9 to 12, late breakfast for locals: esmorzar de forquilla (catalan brunch), little sandwiches called puces  or pulgas (literally meaning flea, which is a small rustic bread with any embotit -cured- or cheese), and even cakes and ioghurts. Good lunch avaliable, good sweets in the evening and very nice dishes at any time.




Local’s bests? Their Pulgas (in the picture, with good cured sausages such as fuet, botifarra or very good cheese) and their Ous estrellats (scrambled eggs with fried potatoes and a variety of ingredients). It’s a nice place too to have a cocktail, and their lights and decorations are amazing.


Carrer Muntaner, 213 (map)

Sant Gervasi – Eixample
Mon-Sun 6.00 – 3.00

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