Cooking networking in bcnKITCHEN: the greatest handshake

Are you launching a new product, showcasing a new idea, or networking for new clients? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Events don’t have to be press conferences or cocktail parties anymore….  A hands-on cooking workshop, where you, alongside your customers, will create a tableful of amazing dishes will surely make you stand out from the crowd.


In bcnKITCHEN you have the opportunity to offer a memorable, worthwhile experience, a personalized event in which you can interact with your clients, showcase your products and even have a business meeting while you learn to make Spanish tapas, gourmet burgers, Thai food… you choose! What better way to create lasting ties than to share a glass of wine, a fun task, laughter and a plentiful meal, besides, with our chef walking you through every step, you will need no culinary experience whatsoever.


Our objective is to get your clients outside of their comfort zone, free from the stress and pressure of the office and encourage a new way of interacting, because from our experience, we can tell, there is no better place than a kitchen to create familiarity or generate trust. These events are designed to strengthen ties and create bonds whilst engaging your customers in a fun activity that they won’t forget!


Are you ready to cook??




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