Casa Perris: the world in a sack

Here’s an example of our most traditional shops: Casa Perris (our neighbours in el Born), a place full of sacks: sacks of rice, sacks of cereals and sacks of pulses, from the most basic to the most exotic, in Casa Perris you’ll find this kind of ingredients, that are, in the end, the kind of ingredients you need at home.


good food


Now, want to cook a paella and need some ingredients? There you’ll find our special Bomba rice and the greatest spanish saffron. Need some good dried mushrooms? Cereals? Chocolate? You’ll find your sack in Casa Perris, waiting for you and, with the help of their expert assistants, you’ll get to know the properties, the origin, the way to cook them and all the thing you want to learn from the ingredients you cook with.

A traditional, rustic and typical shop opened in 1940 to be in if you love our ingredients.

 bomba rice

Plaà§a comercial, 2 (map)
Born (our beloved neighbourhood!!)
Mon-Fri:   08:00 – 20.00

Sat:   08.30 – 20.00

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