Carrer Petritxol: the sweetest street in Barcelona

So, for those who love chocolate, and for anyone who comes to Barcelona and walks around the center in a winter day, a must do: have a hot chocolate!! Petritxol Street is the best-known street to drink our beloved xocolata desfeta, and the most historic place to have it too. Everyone in Barcelona has been there, and most of people remember this street as one of their favorite place to go with mum and dad when in our childhood days.


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If you have one of our xocolata desfeta (that literally means melted chocolate), you’ll see that is hot, amazingly tasty and a far more thick and rich than the hot chocolate you’ll see around Europe and around the world. Locals normally eat it in the evening, (merienda time), but we have it as a breakfast too in some special days (like christmas); and there are four ways to have it: just a cup of chocolate (xocolata desfeta); this chocolate with whipped cream on top (called suís in catalan or suizo in spanish); chocolate with churros (the more spanish typical way, with fried pastries) and chocolate with melindros (the more catalan typical way, with cakey pastries).


So, if walking around Las Ramblas area, head to Petritxol Street and discover the best of the winter in Barcelona! There you will find two historic granges (chocolate bars) to eat it: Granja la Pallaresa (Petritxol Street) and Granja Dulcinea (Carrer de petritxol, 2).


Carrer Petritxol  (map)

Closest metro station: Liceu, green line, L3

Mon-Sat 9.00-13.00      17.00-21.00

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