Freixa Tradició: Catalunya in the dish

The basis and the most traditional, this is what you will find in this excellent restaurant. If you want to go for a special dinner or lunch, but still want it to be traditional and learn the 100% catalan cuisine, this is the place to be in. Excellent service, nice place and tasty catalan traditional dishes in a restaurant full of traditional details. Best wines are served, and served in the perfect traditional way.



Their Croquetes de rostit (roasted meat croquetas) would deserve to be in history books, along with their Bunyols de bacallà  (cod fritters) or their perfectly made canelons (catalan cannelloni). A taste of a catalan home in a very good restaurant. For smaller budgets, they offer an excellent menu composed by little dishes, called Travel through Catalunya. What not to miss from their travel?? Their Mar i Muntanya (Sea and Mountain, a really traditional dish composed by meat and seafood), their Caneló d’espinacs a la catalana amb xipirons (spinach and caramelised little cuttlefish cannelloni) and if you’re not picky, their Carpaccio de peus de porc i gambes (shrimp and pig’s feet carpaccio). Oh! Never miss, as a dessert, their Postre del pastor amb melmelada de taronja amarga (a homemade dessert with soft cheese mousse with bitter orange jam).


Carrer Sant Elies, 22 (map)
Sant Gervasi (near Plaà§a Molina or Sant Gervasi FGC stops)
Tue – Sat  13.00-15.30    21.00-23.30

Fri, Sat 9.00-16.00 20.00 – 1.00

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