Rocambolesc: why to go to Girona!

Yes, we love it, we’re number ones in World gastronomy, thanks to El Celler de Can Roca! Jordi Roca, the brother in charge of the desserts in the best restaurant in the world, opened this ice-cream shop, making true any child’s dream. This mixture between the Willy Wonka myth and the ice-cream maker vintage style it’s one of the dreamiest places our chef has ever been. But not only for the space it’s worth it: after tasting their Postre Là ctic (their ice-cream inspired in one of the best-known desserts in El Celler), you’ll get to know why we tell you to get the train, know a new city and come back. You’ll taste the real vanilla, just how it is in the nature, and will get to know all their extremely genious combinations.




And, now that you are there, try more than one ice-cream, go for a walk around Girona, discover the beauty of the city along the river or downtown, eat in some of their excellent restaurants, and…have another ice-cream!!:)

Carrer de Santa Clara, 50 (map)

(Girona city).

No metro station! 🙂 (from Barcelona, just have to take the renfe -train- in Plaà§a Catalunya or Estació de Sants and head to Girona)

Sun-Thu. 12.00-22.00

Fri 12.00-00.00

Sat 11.00-00-00

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