Cooking parties, in bcnKITCHEN

All of the groups that have come and tried our cooking parties in bcnKITCHEN have said, at some point, that it was indeed one of the best ways to celebrate something they had ever seen, or the best gift they had received! All of them think more or less the same: once you have received all kinds of socks, wallets and scarfs, the best gift is an experience. And believe us, there’s no better experience than eating, laughing, enjoying good flowing wine, taking pictures…around a kitchen! In the end, having the best memories during the experience, and sharing them with your friends and closest people is the best gift one can have.

In the cooking parties in bcnKICTHEN we’ve had big parties (with up to 35 people!) and smaller ones (around 10 guests), with women, men, families, friends, sport teams, couples, student groups…good wine, good food, good company, and…good cooking!! No finished standard dishes on a restaurant table, in bcnKITCHEN you will enjoy, all together, forming part of the entire cooking process and, between drinks, cooking tapas, pintxos, dishes, desserts… you’ll be learning different variations to your taste, interesting recipes and a lot of juicy cooking tips to share with you.

And, if all this isn’t enough, after the laughs and cooking, it’s time to enjoy what you have cooked, explain to the others what you have done, chat, eat, drink, and…celebrate! Because any chance an opportunity to have a different sort of party!


Cooking party

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