Bar Cañete: tradition, quality and modern design

From excellent appetizers like anchoas, croquetas or jamón to classical dishes like Fricandó (a catalan meat stew) or garlic soup with trompetas de la muerte (a mushroom) and poached egg, all their menu is full of classical specialities from Catalonia, Spain and France, because of the big influence from this gastronomy. Along with all this dishes, a great wine list with a title: «Al pan pan y al vino, vino», an spanish proverb that talks about the importance of calling everything by its name, in a wine list full of great wines from big and smaller brands and cellars.


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El Cañete is, in fact, two restaurants in one: El Cañete Barra (literally meaning el Cañete counter) and el Cañete mantel (literally meaning El Cañete Tablecloth). In the first, you’ll have a lot of tapas and pintxos, in a different relaxed style, and in the second one, classical dishes will wait for you.




The great question: what not to miss? Definitely, you need to try the pa amb tomà quet (made with the best bread for this –pa de coca del mossà¨n cinto-); the gazpacho with vinegar ice-cream; the artichokes and bacon omelette; the chipirones a la andaluza -panfried babysquid-…and any of their cheeses. If you’re interested in it, they have a good lunch menu for around 20 euros.

Carrer de la unió, 17 (map)
Raval (near Liceu metro station, green line, L3)

Mon – sat. 13.00 – 00.00

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