Cafés el Magnífico, extraordinary coffee from the field to the cup

It’s when we travel that we realize that we have an extraordinary coffee: aromatic, flagrant, intense, bitter and pure, this is what our coffe is like in Barcelona, and this is what we miss everytime we grab a coffee anywhere else. In fact, we have seen it in all our Spanish cooking workshops: everyone coming tells us that we have such a good coffee in Spain. If you like coffee, here’s one of the best brands: Cafés el Magnífico: they are the best experts in coffee, they are in all of the best Barista competitions, their owner is the president of the Forum Cultural del Café, (a non-profit for the divulgation of coffee information in Spain), and…we are lucky to have a shop quite close to us (Carrer Argenteria, in the same district of el Born).

 coffee shop


If you still need more, just visit it: in a really nice and unique shop, experts will receive you and give you loads of information about real coffee, toasted and grounded by them, coming from the best (and sustainable) plantations and as aromatic as anything before. Magnífico, as their name says.

Carrer Argenteria, 64 (map)
El Born (our lovely neighborhood!)
Mon – Sat    10.00 – 20.00


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