Cocina Catalana

Catalan cooking is rich in flavours, combinations and ingredients. This workshop is dedicated to some of the most iconic dishes.


3 hours (meal included)
12-14 people

Catalan gastronomy, very important in the mediteranean diet is most famous for its seafood and vegetables. 

With bcnKITCHEN, you will discover our culinary identity, understanding and finding out the origin of our dishes to see their infinite possibilities.

The dishes you will make:

  • Flat bread with baked vegetables
  • Fava beans catalana style
  • Suquet de pescado, Catalan fish stew.
  • Crema Catalana with coca de llardons. 

At the end of the course there will be a meal accompanied by local wine.

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Cursos de Cocina y Talleres de Cocina en Barcelona. Cocina Catalana

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