Private Events

In bcnKITCHEN, with a capacity up to 46 guests, we have confirmed that the kitchen is the quintessential place to gather, and there is no better way to see it than when a group comes to bcnKITCHEN for a private culinary activity.

In our private events, families get together in a usual place, kept for the most special days and family traditions like Christmas, birthdays and parties...

...the groups of friends meet in a place where they are not used to meet, and share the most quotidian moments in the most unexpected way and they know their friends in a completely new way, laugh and share around the stoves...

...and the businesses…the businesses coming to bcnKITCHEN get to know all that they wouldn’t have known about their colleagues, sharing a unique and different situation from all that they had shared before in the office, cooking in a relaxed, casual and perfect atmosphere to create the familiarity, the collaboration, the laughter and all that involves the fact of working together to cook an unforgettable meal, full of complicity, memories and surprises from knowing the colleagues again in a kitchen.

In all our private events, the experience does not stay just in the kitchen, but finishes in a great breathtaking table, lined and full with all the dishes cooked during the workshop; that will give the opportunity to share, taste and enjoy the flavors and the experience of a unique meal, prepared by everyone and with a nice glass of excellent local wine.

Corporate Events


Groups and Companies

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