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How I can book a course?

There are 3 ways to book the courses:

Online Payment (VISA / MASTERCARD): Through the website you will see the dates available for the selected course. In 3 steps you can make your reservation by paying with VISA or MASTERCARD.

Payment BCNKITCHEN: BCNKITCHEN Payment: You can present yourself in Calle Fusina 15 (Borne, Barcelona) where you can book the course available.

Bank Transfer: Sending an email whith the informaion of the course that you are interested. We will respond with the steps to complete the reservation.

How I can buy the Gift Voucher?

If you are planning to surprise a family member, friend or coworker, I recommend buying a gift voucher.

There are two types of bonus gift: Monographs and Workshops

By accessing the screen, "Give a Course", you can select one of the two types of gift voucher available. The system will inform you of the courses available at that rate and you can choose the number of people surprise you.

Before purchase, you can choose to receive the gift voucher code by e-mail or through your Gift Box will surprised at the address you specify.

How I can Redeem a Gift Voucher?

Enter through the Home screen to "Redeem your Gift Voucher." Enter your code and see all courses available to redeem your bonus. Choose the course and available on the date you would like to take the course. Validates and now you just have to enjoy!


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