Envalira: always the (same) perfect rice

If you come with us on a Spanish Cooking Workshop to master the paella, we always share with you our selection of our top places to eat paella. Envalira is one of the first: always, always, the same rice, exactly the same taste, perfect balance, never overcooked, never saly, never tasteless. When you live in a place like Catalunya, full of restaurants and surrounded by paella or rice «specialised» restaurants, you get to know that one of the most meaningful aspects in a rice restaurant is the homogeneity, and the most valuable thing around a rice restaurant is this: nevermind the day, month or season of the year, their rice stays the same.

And Envalira is the perfect example of this. Black rice it’s one of their not-to-be-missed, but any rice you can have there is perfect. Authentic, balanced and natural taste, and, as far as we know, always the same


Plaà§a del Sol, 13 (map)

(Grà cia neighbourhood)

Closest metro station: Fontana green Line, L3, or Diagonal green (L3) or blue line (L5)

Tue-Sat. 13.30-16.00     20:30-24

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