Cooking team building, in bcnKITCHEN


We’re pretty happy to say that during all this time in bcnKITCHEN, we have discovered that cooking is one of the most complete experiences! Cooking, in fact, is by itself a team building activity: organization, cooperation, communication, buddy system and leadership are qualities that are needed and enforced during all the workshops that we do. Anyway, what is even more important in this kind of activity is to change the work environment and get directly into a kitchen, where people know each other in a different way, working, laughing, drinking, eating and enjoying all at the same time, far from the work routine.

We have seen it in all kinds of groups, from the smaller ones (around 12 cooks and eaters) to bigger ones (up to 40 participants!), and in all kinds of business areas: from food&beverage to caterers, and from chemistry to medicine and technology…and even more! Sometimes they don’t know what are they coming for and when they walk into bcnKITCHEN they are surprised: grab some aprons, have some wine and we’ll start to cook!

Normally, and to get the maximum participation, we suggest a tapas&pintxos in which the team working, the sharing and tasting of different dishes is the best and most creative way to enjoy as much food and experiences as we can. And while some serve wine, others work from the beginning to the end, others walk around chatting and laughing with everyone, some take pictures…When we finish cooking and serving, the table is full of color, nice dishes, different elaborations…and when eating, we get the same question every time: So we made all this?! Yes, indeed, you have cooked an amazing meal.

The cooking activity is sometimes complemented with some presentation, meeting or workshop, and is it possible too to rent the space for a morning or coffee break before the activity. Come to know how a kitchen can be the best place to get to know and enjoy your colleagues!! 

Team Building


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