Sagà s: excellence from the field to the dish

Pagesos, cuiners & co is their slogan. With this, that means Farmers, cooks & company,  a clear message: a great dish starts from the field where it’s produced. Its name, Sagà s, it’s the name of a small village in el Berguedà  (a catalan region near the Pyrenees). And adding this information to the slogan, we know everything: Sagà s is run by Rovira family, a family dedicated to traditional farming and providing meat for all their region; and mostly by their youngest son: Oriol Rovira, chef of Els Casals, their well-known restaurant in Berguedà . Oriol Rovira, that won a michelin star and several gastronomic prizes, brings to Barcelona some of the best products coming from their fields and farms; and serves them in a really different way: sandwiches. High gastronomy made simple, and best ingredients, in the same city of Barcelona.

Pla de Palau, 13 (map)

(Born neighbourhood, our area!)

Closest metro station: Jaume I, yellow line, L4

Mon-Sun. 12.30-00.30


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