Our fruits, our fish…proud of our suppliers!

Seasonal fruit, fresh fish and the most amazing vegetables all from our beloved market in el Born. This is one of the things we are most proud of in bcnKITCHEN, because we believe that great produce is essential to good cooking and the tastiest dishes. In Spain, Catalunya and Barcelona, one of the best things we have is food. Great vegetables, amazing fruit, fresh fish, great meat all year round, and a year full of different seasons and the variety of foods that acompany them. Our great fruit from the summer season, our amazingly mushroom filled autumn, plenty of fish in the winter and the incredibly berry abundant spring, during all these seasons we enjoy our visit to the market, which is always different.

During our visits to the market, learning and enjoying from the best fresh seasonal produce, we have organised a unique way to get our fresh products in bcnKITCHEN: we enjoy the fruit and vegetables from Verduras Soto, one of the biggest fruit stalls in the market, with lovely and friendly assistants. They are our fruit and vegetables suppliers, and we are proud of it. They are experts in their field, and with their collaboration, we cook the best dishes with the best ingredients.



And what about the fish? One of our best-known products in Spain, and one of the most important ingredients: freshness is the most important thing about fish, and this is why we buy from this stall, the one we consider the best in our market. Peixos Arrom (Arrom fish shop), can be considered the best fish stall in the market and you can verify this by the freshness of their fish, the color of their seafood and, the most curious thing, the frame full of the bussiness cards from the very best fish and sushi restaurants in town, who all buy their fish at this stall. Having them as a supplier is a privellege, and we can proudly say that we are with the best fish restaurants in Barcelona.



Along with those two suppliers, we love our free range or organic eggs, our traditionally and naturally rised and baked bread, our juicy salted and dessalted cod, our tuna, our wonderful pulses, our aromatic saffron and each of the products we buy in the market, and we want to share our passion for our ingredients with you.

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