Casa Alfonso: genuine Barcelona from ham to tapas


If you already know about spanish ham, have tasted all the basics and have felt in love with our tapas, Casa Alfonso is something you can’t skip in Barcelona. With a strong history behind, when you enter to their restaurant the first thing you see is a full wall of spanish hams, next to their best cheese and the historic marble counter and their tables, with that particular mix of locals and tourists reading from their historic menu and waiting for their meals.




Opened on 1938, Casa Alfonso has nowadays a full menu consisting in tapas, meat, grill and cured ham and sausages and cheese, and as every single dish there is a tasty and excellent experience, the best thing to do when going to Casa Alfonso is to gather some friends around a table, the right philosophy there is: more people you are, more tapas you’ll be able to taste!! And you’ll get to know why when you start eating there: from their bread with tomato (crunchy, juicy, sweet and intense) to their most complex tapas, everything will be right as you expected it to be. We can recommend nearly everything there, but if you want the musts, don’t forget to have some pa amb tomà quet (bread with tomato, their is the crunchiest Coca de llavaneres bread, excellent), bravas (as we believe that a tapas meal isn’t complete without a bravas dish), artichoke chips with Porto, aubergine (or eggplant) chips with goat cheese and honey (they are unforgettable!), and any of their huevos estrellados (eggs with potatoes). Now we’re talking!




Carrer de Roger de Llúria, 6 (map)

Mon – Sat. 08.30 – 01.00   (sundays closed)


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