Brunells, a corner for history and sweets

Entering in Brunells chocolaterie is like travelling back in the times where the families had a cake on sundays and nobody had heard about the television: oldstyle lettering, antique pictures, traditional furniture…where you can find from amazing torrons (nougat) to their best specialities: coca de llardons (a crunchy pastry similar to puff pastry, with pine nuts and sugar) and encenalls (one of the bests -if not the absolute bests- in town. No wonder that all the sweets you’ll see there are as traditional and as well done as they look like: candied fruits, candied fruits in chocolate, chocolates, nougats, cookies, truffles,…if you want to learn how the historic sweets were in Barcelona the last centuries, taste some of their products and you’ll finish by buying souvenirs for the whole family!


In our walk to the market, we always (always) stop there for a minute to speak a little about their encenalls: a crunchy nutty cookie, in a particular wavy shape, covered with dark chocolate and chopped almonds. Their specialities, our favourites.





Carrer Princesa, 22 (map)

(Born neighbourhood, our area!)

Closest metro station: Jaume I, yellow line, L4

Tue-Sat 8.30-20.00

Sun 8.30-15.00

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