Bar Tomà s, the bravest bravas


Sunny day in Barcelona? Feeling like late aperitivo? Why don’t you go to Sarrià , to visit one of the most authentic parts of Barcelona? Sarrià  district was, in its origin, a little farming village, independent from Barcelona. In 1858, the railway Barcelona-Sarrià  was built and the richest families in Barcelona bought plots to build their summer residences. Later on, Sarrià  ended as a part of the city. Nowadays, it’s a charming area, where churches, old streets and the memories of the old village’s residences are mixed, along with bars, cafes, parks and bakeries.



And, if Sarrià  is worth a visit, Bar Tomà s is a must there. A casual bar, packed with local people, where you can eat bravas, croquetas, albóndigas, olivas and a lot more. Tomà s is a bar, where you’ll find homestyle food, cheap dishes, beer and toothpicks all around. Not the place to go for a local dinner, nor for a classy meal; but, indeed, one of the best-known bars, and one of the most characteristic bravas in town. And, as they show in their paper placemats, cold beer, toothpicks, bravas and bon profit!





Carrer Major de Sarrià , 49 (map)
Sarrià  district (nearest station: Sarrià , FGC)

Mon – Sat. 12.00 – 16.00  18:00 – 22:00

Sun   12.00 – 15.00


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