Our kitchen, where the warmth is

bcnKITCHEN is a cooking space located next to Born market where do all sorts of activities related to the gastronomic world. As we believe that every little detail is important, bcnKITCHEN is in the very same street, and as in sunny days, it’s a pleasure to cook in a place full of natural daylight and close to the people that walks by in the street. When the sun shines (and luckily it shines most of the days in Barcelona), all the coloured pots, glasses, flowers and decorations fill our kitchen with life and joy, perfect ingredients for any cooking session, even if it seems pointless, you always notice it when you don’t have it! You can poke your nose into our space right here!



In bcnKITCHEN, cooking classes, workshops, tastings for individuals and businesses are done. Also, our space allows any type of private event celebrations, product launches, showcookings, anniversaries, incentives,…all kinds of meetings gathering people that will share our kitchen. Regarding this, we have a great reason for aiming excellence: our space, our materials and our ingredients are carefully selected by us to offer the best we can from our space, our city and our country.

bcnKITCHEN is our kitchen, our dining room and our space, but bcnKITCHEN is also the kitchen for everyone coming to cook with us. Indeed, making everyone feel like at home is our guide to make our bcnKITCHEN as much cozy, as much comfortable and as much welcoming as a kitchen should be.



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