Our neighbours in el Born: history, art, design and food.

El Born has been transformed in these latest years to become one of the trendiest neighbourhoods of Barcelona, full of designer shops and artist galleries living together with ancient oldstyle shops. Located east from the Ramblas, el Born is full of tapas bars and cocktail modern, candlelit restaurants to enjoy, always surrounded by fashion boutiques. One of the areas not to be missed, el Born was originally createdin the XIII century as the active area in the city, and nowadays ours’ is still one of the most full of live neighbourhoods.

We, in bcnKITCHEN, are lucky to be located in one of the streets surrounding the old Mercado del Born, nowadays a museum around barcelona history. The centerpiece of the area is the impressive Santa María del Mar church, in front of a lovely square in which good tapas and wine bars are found. Behind the church, and heading to Mercado del Born, lies the area’s main street, Paseo del Born, which is lined with cozy bars and restaurants offering a rich and wide variety of international cuisines and local tapas and platillos.

The area borders (Gothic Quarter and the port) are within 15 minutes walk from the cathedral and Las Ramblas, and these 15 minutes will be enough to get just in the middle of the ancient town, one of the most important neighbourhoods of the city from the XIII century to the XVIII, walking by it you can feel the history, get to know one of the most beautiful and interesting churchs, buy in some of the nicest shops in town and just go for a walk around…maybe you can even come and visit us!!;)

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