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Cooking Classes Barcelona

What is the secret to a great paella? How can I make the amazing bread with tomato? Oh my, what do I need to cook crema catalana at home? If one of these questions has ever crossed your mind, you’re in the right place.

bcnKITCHEN, in the charming central district of El Born, is a local cooking school in which we want to share our gastronomic treasures with people from all around the world.

A day in bcnKITCHEN starts with a visit to the local food market, where you, together with the chef will buy the best and freshest ingredients, we will tell you as much as we can about el Born (our neighbourhood), our gastronomy, our history and our culture. After the market, we walk back to our bright, sunny kitchen: aprons on and hands washed, you will cook, dish by dish, tapa by tapa with the chef’s assistance and discover the magic behind our gastronomy. Then, when everything is prepared and served, it’s time to toast to your cooking day and enjoy everything that we have cooked, eating at the table together with the chef. Recipes are indeed sent, so that you can cook all our best dishes back home and have the best souvenir one can take back. 

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Barcelona beyond the tourists

28 junio, 2016 |

Barcelona is much more than Barceloneta, beach, sun, la Rambla and Sangría. Barcelona is a city full of history and full of places everyone should visit in order to feel a Little bit “barcelonian”. Only-apartments, a company with more than

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Caravelle, The proper brunch!

20 agosto, 2015 |

Caravelle is in the middle of the raval neighborhood, a pretty place filled with sunlight and good vibes. The decoration is minimal with cool artwork on the walls, and the staff are English spoken and super welcoming. As soon as

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Spanish cooking at bcnKITCHEN

10 junio, 2015 |

At bcnKITCHEN we think that the best way to connect with a culture is through its food!

If you are looking for a way to delve into Spanish culture and gastronomy… We have exactly what you are looking for! At bcnKITCHEN

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Cooking networking in bcnKITCHEN: the greatest handshake

17 julio, 2014 |

Are you launching a new product, showcasing a new idea, or networking for new clients? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Events don’t have to be press conferences or cocktail parties anymore….  A hands-on cooking workshop, where you,

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Casa Perris: the world in a sack

26 abril, 2014 |

Here’s an example of our most traditional shops: Casa Perris (our neighbours in el Born), a place full of sacks: sacks of rice, sacks of cereals and sacks of pulses, from the most basic to the most exotic, in Casa

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Casa Alfonso: genuine Barcelona from ham to tapas

10 abril, 2014 |


If you already know about spanish ham, have tasted all the basics and have felt in love with our tapas, Casa Alfonso is something you can’t skip in Barcelona. With a strong history behind, when you enter to their

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Bunyols de l’empordà (Traditional sweet fritters)

30 marzo, 2014 |

Would you like to learn how to prepare the best-known dishes  of our gastronomy? Come to one of our Cooking Classes!Read more 

Fleca Balmes, the everlasting passion for bread

20 marzo, 2014 |

Here’s another entry of our welovebread series! We can’t help ourselves from writing about it, because bakeries in Barcelona are a-ma-zing! Here’s one of the oldest in town, Fleca Balmes. Existing form 1908, it was opened by  Manuel Crespo, the

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Crema Catalana (or Crema de Sant Josep)

19 marzo, 2014 |

Would you like to learn how to prepare the best-known dishes  of our gastronomy? Come to one of our Cooking Classes!Read more 

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