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Sagàs: excellence from the field to the dish

29 julio, 2013 |

Pagesos, cuiners & co is their slogan. With this, that means Farmers, cooks & company, a clear message: a great dish starts from the field where it’s produced. Its name, Sagàs, it’s the name of a small village in el Berguedà…Read more 

Rocambolesc: why to go to Girona!

21 julio, 2013 |

Yes, we love it, we’re number ones in World gastronomy, thanks to El Celler de Can Roca! Jordi Roca, the brother in charge of the desserts in the best restaurant in the world, opened this ice-cream shop, making true any child’s dream….Read more 

Cooking parties, in bcnKITCHEN

12 julio, 2013 |

All of the groups that have come and tried the cooking parties in bcnKITCHEN have said, at some point, that it was indeed one of the best ways to celebrate something they had seen, or the best gift they had received! Read more 

La Guingueta: our love for chiringuitos

2 julio, 2013 |

Remember Carles Abellán? Chef of Comerç 24 (in el Born, our neighbourhood) and Tapas 24, and one of the best chefs in Spain, last summer he opened a Chiringuito. So, you still don’t know about chiringuitos? One of the best things around Spain…Read more 

Baluard, one of the best bread bakeries in town

25 junio, 2013 |

If you love bread, if you care for it, Baluard is one of the best places in Barcelona. There, they tell you that every single bread is different from the other ones, and that every piece of bread could even be a piece of art…Read more 

Brunells, a corner for history and sweets

21 junio, 2013 |

Entering in Brunells chocolaterie is like travelling back in the times where the families had a cake on sundays and nobody had heard about the television: oldstyle lettering, antique pictures, traditional furniture…Read more 

El vaso de oro: gold for their beer, 10 for their tapas!

18 junio, 2013 |

Narrow traditional bar, locally known by its huge variety of beer, and by its particular and perfect way to serve their draught beers. Normally, you must fight for some place there, or maybe elbow out some space, but once you are there…Read more 

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