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Cafè de l’Òpera: Art Nouveau, theatre and hot chocolate

12 marzo, 2014 |

We know, we already wrote an entry about hot chocolate and the very best street to have some in Barcelona. Our hot chocolate, thick, warm, intense and slightly bitter is one of the best gastronomic treasures, and a part from

Read more 

Cod fritters with honey allioli

6 marzo, 2014 |

Would you like to learn how to prepare the best-known dishes  of our gastronomy? Come to one of our Cooking Classes!Read more 

Bar Tomàs, the bravest bravas

2 marzo, 2014 |

Sunny day in Barcelona? Feeling like late aperitivo? Why don’t you go to Sarrià, to visit one of the most authentic parts of Barcelona? Sarrià district was, in its origin, a little farming village, independent from Barcelona.Read more 

Barcelona-Reykjavik, a travel to organic baking

22 febrero, 2014 |

Bread, indeed. Here, something you always need to have at home -never mind the type of meal- in Spain it’s one of the most important ingredients to have on the table, and this is why we have this great variety of breads…Read more 

Casa Gispert, roasted smell in Barcelona since 1851

15 febrero, 2014 |

Old style, tradition, knowledge and passion for what they do are the main ingredients in Casa Gispert. A Nut-roasting venue that exists since 1851…Read more 

Colmados, ultramarinos and pieces of history in town

5 febrero, 2014 |

Here’s one of our best advices every time some people comes to bcnKITCHEN to a cooking workshop: try to visit some colmado, the spanish old name for epicérie or the local old…Read more 

Cafés el Magnífico, extraordinary coffee from the field to the cup

15 enero, 2014 |

It’s when we travel when we realize that we have an extraordinary coffee: aromatic, flagrant, intense, bitter and pure, this is what our coffe is like in Barcelona, and this is what we miss everytime we grab a coffee anywhere else…Read more 

Bar Cañete: tradition, quality and modern design

4 enero, 2014 |

From excellent appetizers like anchoas, croquetas or jamón to classical dishes like Fricandó (a catalan meat stew) or garlic soup with trompetas de la muerte (a mushroom) and poached egg, all their menu is full of classical specialities…Read more 

Carrer Petritxol: the sweetest street in Barcelona

11 diciembre, 2013 |

So, for those who love chocolate, and for anyone who comes to Barcelona and walks around the center in a winter day, a must do: have a hot chocolate!! Petritxol Street is the best-known street to drink our beloved xocolata desfeta…Read more 

Bar Velódromo: good choice for any time

1 diciembre, 2013 |

Just by having a look at their schedule you notice it: Velódromo is a really good place to be in at any time of the day. In the early morning, it will be full of local people having their breakfast, their coffees and their croissants or napolitanas…Read more 

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