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Carrer Petritxol: the sweetest street in Barcelona

11 diciembre, 2013 |

So, for those who love chocolate, and for anyone who comes to Barcelona and walks around the center in a winter day, a must do: have a hot chocolate!! Petritxol Street is the best-known street to drink our beloved xocolata desfeta…Read more 

Freixa Tradició: Catalunya in the dish

28 noviembre, 2013 |

The basis and the most traditional, this is what you will find in this excellent restaurant. If you want to go for a special dinner or lunch, but still want it to be traditional and learn the 100% catalan cuisine, this is the place…Read more 

La Panxa del Bisbe, or “The bishop’s belly”.

5 octubre, 2013 |

When eating there you know why they have this curious name: everything it’s tasty, and everytime that you try something new it’s better than the last time. La Panxa del Bisbe is a non tourist place that we highly recommend…Read more 

Envalira: always the (same) perfect rice

21 septiembre, 2013 |

If you come with us on a Spanish Cooking Workshop to master the paella, we always share with you our selection of our top places to eat paella. Envalira is one of the first: always, always, the same rice…Read more 

Brunells, a corner for history and sweets

21 junio, 2013 |

Entering in Brunells chocolaterie is like travelling back in the times where the families had a cake on sundays and nobody had heard about the television: oldstyle lettering, antique pictures, traditional furniture…Read more 

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