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Fleca Balmes, the everlasting passion for bread

20 marzo, 2014 |

Here’s another entry of our welovebread series! We can’t help ourselves from writing about it, because bakeries in Barcelona are a-ma-zing! Here’s one of the oldest in town, Fleca Balmes. Existing form 1908, it was opened by  Manuel Crespo, the

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Cafés el Magnífico, extraordinary coffee from the field to the cup

15 enero, 2014 |

It’s when we travel when we realize that we have an extraordinary coffee: aromatic, flagrant, intense, bitter and pure, this is what our coffe is like in Barcelona, and this is what we miss everytime we grab a coffee anywhere else…Read more 

Freixa Tradició: Catalunya in the dish

28 noviembre, 2013 |

The basis and the most traditional, this is what you will find in this excellent restaurant. If you want to go for a special dinner or lunch, but still want it to be traditional and learn the 100% catalan cuisine, this is the place…Read more 

Sagàs: excellence from the field to the dish

29 julio, 2013 |

Pagesos, cuiners & co is their slogan. With this, that means Farmers, cooks & company, a clear message: a great dish starts from the field where it’s produced. Its name, Sagàs, it’s the name of a small village in el Berguedà…Read more 

Rocambolesc: why to go to Girona!

21 julio, 2013 |

Yes, we love it, we’re number ones in World gastronomy, thanks to El Celler de Can Roca! Jordi Roca, the brother in charge of the desserts in the best restaurant in the world, opened this ice-cream shop, making true any child’s dream….Read more 

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