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Barcelona beyond the tourists

28 junio, 2016 |

Barcelona is much more than Barceloneta, beach, sun, la Rambla and Sangría. Barcelona is a city full of history and full of places everyone should visit in order to feel a Little bit “barcelonian”. Only-apartments, a company with more than

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Cooking networking in bcnKITCHEN: the greatest handshake

17 julio, 2014 |

Are you launching a new product, showcasing a new idea, or networking for new clients? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Events don’t have to be press conferences or cocktail parties anymore….  A hands-on cooking workshop, where you,

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Cooking team building, in bcnKITCHEN

7 septiembre, 2013 |

We’re pretty happy to say that during all this time in bcnKITCHEN, we have discovered that cooking is one of the most complete experiences! Cooking, in fact, is by itself a team building activity…Read more 

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