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Market Visit + Spanish Tapas Workshop

16 octubre, 2013 |

Our chef will accompany you through one of Barcelona’s most unique food markets (Santa Caterina Market) to buy the freshest ingredients which you are going to cookRead more 

Market Visit + Spanish Cuisine Workshop

16 octubre, 2013 |

Whether you like to eat, cook, enjoy, drink or get to know Barcelona by a local chef, a hands-on cooking workshop is one of the best ways to get into our culture by cooking and eating a Mediterranean Meal.Read more 

La Panxa del Bisbe, or “The bishop’s belly”.

5 octubre, 2013 |

When eating there you know why they have this curious name: everything it’s tasty, and everytime that you try something new it’s better than the last time. La Panxa del Bisbe is a non tourist place that we highly recommend…Read more 

Envalira: always the (same) perfect rice

21 septiembre, 2013 |

If you come with us on a Spanish Cooking Workshop to master the paella, we always share with you our selection of our top places to eat paella. Envalira is one of the first: always, always, the same rice…Read more 

Cooking team building, in bcnKITCHEN

7 septiembre, 2013 |

We’re pretty happy to say that during all this time in bcnKITCHEN, we have discovered that cooking is one of the most complete experiences! Cooking, in fact, is by itself a team building activity…Read more 

Mercat de la princesa: a food world in a foodcourt

23 agosto, 2013 |

Don’t know if it’s because tapas has changed our mind, but here we love to share and taste, nibble and grab as much dishes as possible. Going there with some friends means that you can grab good niguiris from the sushi bar, traditional bravas…Read more 

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