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El vaso de oro: gold for their beer, 10 for their tapas!

18 junio, 2013 |

Narrow traditional bar, locally known by its huge variety of beer, and by its particular and perfect way to serve their draught beers. Normally, you must fight for some place there, or maybe elbow out some space, but once you are there…Read more 

La Botifarreria, a must if you have appartment with kitchen

6 junio, 2013 |

So, botifarras. Yes, if you love this fresh sausage as we in Catalonia do, try to go there for a big surprise: from the classical botifarra to the most creative ones, every of their products is the result of a great tradition…Read more 

La cova fumada: home of la Bomba de la Barceloneta

29 mayo, 2013 |

One of the best examples of an authentic family-run bodega, this place is hugely popular within local workers, so this is why you’ll need to arrive early for a cramped and possibly shared table. There, it’s a must: need to have “la bomba”…Read more 

Can Culleretes, the historic restaurant

26 abril, 2013 |

Barcelona’s oldest restaurant, and the second restaurant appeared in Spain, Can Culleretes was opened in 1786. Good Catalan cooking at very reasonable prices, notably their cannelloni with cod, or “escudella i carn d’olla”, the most typical dish…Read more 

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